Does matched betting work?

So, does matched betting work?

The quick, easy answer to this is yes, matched betting works. It works wonderfully.

If that’s a good enough answer for you – head to Profit Accumulator (my recommended service) – and start making bank!

If not, I thought it would be a great idea to give you examples of what it can actually do for you, by showing you what it’s done for me.

Now, before I start, I’d like to clarify a few things about me:

  • I earn less than £19,000 a year.
  • My partner works part-time in a shop, and earns less than £7,000 a year.
  • In terms of our income, we earn less put together than the average UK salary for ONE person.

So, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve done this month that matched betting has paid for.

I’ve gone to see one of my favourite musicians at the Royal Albert Hall, where I had a private box

does matched betting work
the awesome view

I took my girlfriend to London, via First Class. (If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re from the UK and you know how f**king expensive trains are!).

Does matched betting work
Mmmm, lots of space

We stocked up on pricey chocolate, and ate it on the train home (yes, we felt sick).

Whilst in London, I did a little shopping in my favourite street in the world:

does matched betting work - denmark street
Oh yes

If you don’t know Denmark Street, it’s famous for one thing: guitar shops!

So, yes, matched betting also paid for me to bring home a new friend:

does matched betting work - guitar

As well as coffees, a slice of pizza in Leicester Square, Krispy Kremes, etc…all the things you do in London, basically!

(The only reason I haven’t mentioned the hotel is because, for some reason, me and the missus have a real thing for Travelodges! However, it’s worth noting that even Travelodges cost £100 a night in London).

Enough of me showing off, anyway. Here’s the important part, one that’s important enough to warrant caps lock yelling:


  • I didn’t touch my wages.
  • I didn’t use a credit card. (I don’t even have a credit card!)

Before we went, I moved my earnings from the last two weeks of Matched Betting into my day-to-day bank account, and viola – whole weekend paid for.

Yes, matched betting works. It really does.

Oh, I almost forgot:

Perhaps the best thing about matched betting.

Our flat.

Before I started matched betting, we lived in a fairly knackered one bedroom flat with dodgy plumbing and heaters that didn’t work.

We could have upgraded, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of paying an extra couple of hundred pounds a month.  So we put up with a flat we weren’t really comfortable with.

Then, I found Profit Accumulator.

Now, we live here:

does matched betting work
Epic view 1

Without matched betting and Profit Accumulator, we would NOT be able to afford the flat we have.

And we wouldn’t be able to afford to do the things we do.

DON’T let this opportunity pass you by.

Within a week or two, you could start doing all the things you’ve been desperate to do, but just couldn’t afford:

  • Get front row seats to your favourite band.
  • Get the love of your life a wedding ring she’ll go crazy for.
  • Buy yourself a new suit, or a new pair of shoes.
  • Pay your rent or mortgage without even touching your wages.
  • Tell your boss to shove it, because you’ve already earned more in ten minutes doing matched betting than you will all day at work.

(This has genuinely happened to me several times. My girlfriend’s come home from work, and I’ve been able to tell her – truthfully – that I’ve earned as much as she did all day doing twenty minutes’ work. It’s a good job I use the cash to spoil her, otherwise I think she’d deck me).

Matched betting will pay for whatever you want it to pay for.  Hell, you can pay for blackjack and hookers if you really want.

Of course….

You could just go back to your old life.

Dull job, high bills, forgoing the things you really WANT from life…

Busting your ass whilst still only earning just enough to get by…

Don’t do it.

Come join the rest of us using Profit Accumulator, and start living the life you really deserve.

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