Is matched betting legal?

The short answer to this is yes. Matched betting is legal in the UK.

Thousands of people do it. Hell, Sam – the guy responsible for Profit Accumulator, openly puts his face, name and address on the PA website.

If matched betting were illegal, he’d already be in court!

But, you don’t have to believe me, here’s an article on the Telegraph website covering the topic.

You’ll notice, in that article, that even the guy from William Hill isn’t that bothered!

If matched betting wasn’t legal, I wouldn’t have done it.

Remember, I’m not personally a full time matched better – I have a job.

And I know enough about modern business to know that if it came out I’d been doing anything dodgy with regards to bookies, my employers would (rightly) fire my ass!

Something else that’s also worth noting;

Lots of people on the Profit Accumulator matched betting forum do earn their living from it.

This would NOT be possible if matched betting was illegal. Their butts would be in jail!

So, once again, just so you’re sure:



Stop worrying about it, and go start making some easy money 😉

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