Profit Accumulator Reviews – everything you need to know about PA, by a genuine user

Right, it’s time to look at Profit Accumulator, and why they’re the only system I recommend.

(Hopefully this’ll be one of the more useful Profit Accumulator Reviews you read, just because I’ve got good experience of using the service!)

Profit Accumulator is the easy, lazy way to do match betting.

(If you’ve stumbled across this page and are still not really sure what matched betting is, head to this page for a more complete guide).

Theoretically, there would be nothing stopping you finding offers, promotions and the right matches yourself.

And, there would be nothing stopping you working out how much you need to wager in order to make the most profit.

But – and this is a big, Kardashian-style but – it would take so much more time.

Without Profit Accumulator, it would take me three times as long to do my bets (if not longer).

To me, this completely defeats the point.

I love matched betting because even if I wanted to really smash it and earn £2,000 every month, it wouldn’t take any more than two hours a day.

Without Profit Accumulator, I’d be looking at probably eight hours a day.

And what’s the point, then? I might as well just get a second job!

So, what does Profit Accumulator actually do?

Profit Accumulator Reviews - cash
The red box is daily profits going up, so there’s that!

It gives you:

Software that finds you the perfect match, pretty much immediately

You’ll find – with one click – the matches that’ll earn you the most money.

This is invaluable when doing horse racing bets. On any given day, hundreds of horses race. Finding the right one – especially if you know nothing about horse racing, like me – would take hours in itself.

Profit Accumulator will find you the perfect match in seconds.

A forum full of genuine users and full-time staff.

If you have any questions about how everything works, it’ll get answered in less than fifteen minutes, 90% of the time.

This forum is invaluable. PA have two guys on there, basically full time. If you’ve got a question, they answer it. I’ve had several queries answered almost immediately myself. This is particularly valuable when you first get started.

Of course, there are a load of other users on the forum too, and everyone helps each other. Again, I’ve had other users help me double profit, because they know something I don’t! If you’re uncertain about any aspects of matched betting, someone will answer your question within five minutes or so.

The best offers, in your e-mail and in the forum

You won’t have to waste time finding the offers.

Without this, you’ll have to spend at least an hour a day just looking for offers.

Eventually, you’ll decide you can’t be bothered, and you’ll quit.

This benefit saves me a full day’s work in time each week, at least. Without PA, I’d have to go through every single bookie, every single day to find the offers. All of the offers are listed in the forums, and they’re also e-mailed right to your inbox.

The calculator

Profit Accumulator includes a full calculator that’ll instantly calculate exactly how much you need to bet.

Working out the right amount to bet is the difference between making money and losing it. It’s also the difference between making a bit of profit and making a LOT.

The calculator is a brilliant tool if, like me, you suck at maths. Matched betting maths is by no means simple, and there’s no WAY you should be calculating it yourself.

Again, I do match betting because it’s an easy, lazy way to make a lot of tax-free, risk-free money. If I have to do all the calculations to get money, I might as well go and be an accountant!

Profit Accumulator

Above all, I see Profit Accumulator as an invaluable resource that would be the difference between maybe making twenty quid a week, and making £250 and more.

Once again, I’m a legitimate PA Customer, and joining PA has made me thousands of pounds of risk-free, tax-free profit.

Matched betting for dummies
My membership page

‘That sounds like bullshit.’

I agree. I don’t expect you to take my word for it – you don’t know me, I’m some guy online.

So don’t take my word for it:

You can try Profit Accumulator, for free, without signing up

Head to the Profit Accumulator site, and Sam (the guy who runs it) will show you – on video – exactly how to do two offers.

You’ll get proof – as money in your bank account – that it works.

I’d encourage everyone to do this before signing up.   I know from personal experience that, until the money’s in your bank, you won’t believe it. I know that because, until I had the cash, I didn’t believe it.

And everyone I know who’s joined Profit Accumulator didn’t believe it.

And everyone on the PA forum – including the guys that work there! – didn’t believe it.

Try it for yourself. Then, if you’re happy that it works – and it does – sign up.

And join the rest of us in free moneyville 😉

For more info on me and how matched betting’s benefited my life, click here.

For a general introduction on exactly what matched betting is, click here.

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