What is matched betting?

So, what is matched betting, and how does it make us money?

I’m going to explain this as clearly as I can, simply because when I started, I found it confusing!

Put simply:

Matched betting means you bet twice on the same game: once with a bookmaker, and once with an exchange.

Once on your team to win


Once on your team to not win.

Therefore, all eventualities are covered and you lose nothing.

So, how does it make money?

what is matched betting
Free stuff!

Because, bookies across the UK offer free bets and promotions all the time, and we use these to make a profit.

But how?

In exactly the same way.

An easy example:

Arsenal are playing Liverpool, and you have a £10 free bet to use.

You put the free bet on Arsenal to win, at 2/1, with your chosen bookie (Coral, William Hill, etc)

You then put around £10 (the exact figure will depend on the odds) on Arsenal not to win, with a betting ‘exchange’ such as Smarkets or Betfair.

If Arsenal win, you receive £20 from the bookie (which is all profit, as the bet was free), and lose the £10 bet on them not to win.

So your profit is £10.

If Arsenal do not win, you will lose nothing at the bookies (because your bet was free), but you will get £20 back from the bet not to win, including your original £10.

So, your profit is £10.

You see?

Using this system, you cannot lose. Whatever the result of the match, you win £10.

You can do this over and over and over again.

Holy hell, how do I find the offers?

Matched betting for dummies
These guys

I recommend Profit Accumulator. (For more information, see my review).

They find all the offers, and deliver them right to your e-mail.

In the first three weeks I used Profit Accumulator, I made over £1,000 in tax-free, risk-free profit.

It’s that simple to start making money.

What is matched betting? Matched betting is the key to never worrying about money again.

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